Business of bau msr GmbH includes:

  • Engineering, design, sales and installation of energy control systems for building management and process control technology,
  • Technical HVAC equipment for real estate, plant technology for ventilation and air-conditioning systems, heating technology, drinking water purification, renewable energies supply
  • Computer-based measuring -and control system technology for all energy-related applications in buildings and industry

Efficiency, comfort and safety from a single hand as well as certified quality to fulfill the economic, social and ecological requirements of technical building equipment at the highest level – this is what bau msr GmbH stands for since its founding year in 1993.

Starting with project development, calculation, execution and installation planning, over in-house prefabricated production up to installation and commissioning on construction site as well as the subsequent maintenance and service work – our DIN/EN-ISO certified skilled workers, technicians, engineers and experts are available for you at any time in the realization process of your project.

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